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I just received the “50 Days Combo” badge from my excercise app. This means that I have continuously excercised for 50 days.

I have mixed feelings with the badge.

I am quite happy that I am able to persist in exercising, however, I feel guilty as I have not written any articles since I start exercising.

The first three weeks when I started the exercises , it was tough for me. I was so tired that I just didn’t have energy to write.

It then become a habit of not writing- a bad habit.

A couple of times I thought of writing, but didn’t put it into action.

I ask myself: why this is happening? Why I do not want to write after I am more used to exercising?

I would like to find the reason and get back to writing again. I could remember the feeling two months ago that I began to love writing. I was full of joy when writing.

What has went wrong?

After some self reflection. I find some possible answers.

Firstly, writing is tough. Even though I do like write two months ago. I can’t deny the fact that it takes time and effort to write. It’s human nature to go for the easy thing. In a simple way – I became lazy to write.

Secondly, I raised standard and expectations for myself when I think I am able to write constantly. I expect myself to write longer article with higher quality. I put too much pressure on myself and I am trying to escape the pressure by avoiding it – which is not writing.

Thirdly, I didn’t put writing as a priority. When I start exercising, My top priorities are fitness and English leaning, I didn’t give writing enough priority it deserves.

When I find out the reasons behind it, I am more clear what I should do now.

First, I will put writing the same importance as English learning.

Secondly, I will not demand myself to write long articles. There is just one criteria – write daily, regardless of short or long. This was the practise when I started writing. It seems working for me thus I shall continue practice like this. No point writing one thousand words article one day and stop writing for a week. What I want to achieve is to form a habit of writing daily.

Thirdly, I shall plan my time well by planing writing in the early part of the day.

I am so glad that I wrote today and I hope I could continue the practise everyday.

Finger crossed, please don’t be lazy😂

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