How to be happy, ten ways to be happy

If we were been asked to choose between happiness and sadness, most of us probably would choose happiness, as happiness is a good feeling.

Then, it comes the next question: how to be happy?

Below are 10 ways that might help you to be a happier person.

1. live at the moment

Let go the past and focus on what is happening now, unless you let it go you cannot move forward and be happy again.

2. learn to appreciate the simple and beautiful things around us

A wild flower opens silently at the roadside, may make us admire it’s strength; a warm meal may make us appreciate that we can eat till full ,as there are still a lot of people are starving somewhere in the world; a job might make us feel useful and capable, as some other people want a job badly yet unable to get it.

3. listen to your favorite music

There is no boundaries in music, and music can help us feel more peaceful and joyful.

4. exercise regularly

Excercise can make us physically stronger and mentally more alert, all of these can help us becoming more confident and happier.

5. read books

Books can enrich our minds and make us wiser. After reading good books we might learn some useful knowledge and skills, those problem that bordered us before might not be problems any more, thus we became more capable and happier.

6. do something nice for others

Try to do something kind and helpful for others, you can be a volunteer or start with something small and around you.

Making a positive influence to others can make us happier and improve ourself worthy.

7. sleep well

Good sleep helps our body recover and repair. We feel fresh and happy if we had a good night’s sleep.

8. smile

Smile can help us and the receiver both feel happy and relaxed.

9. go for a trip

Sometimes,we need a vacation to enjoy and recharge ourself.

10. Gathering time

Spend some quality time with your family and friends, their love and care might make you feel needed, comfortable and happy.

Everyone has their own unique ways to make themselves happy.

My dear friends, it’s your turn now: what makes you happy?

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