How to Manage Time More Effectively

These few days, I started to feel quite bordered by my time management skills. I didn't achieve my daily goals and not managing my energy efficient enough.

It's a good thing that I realise this as identify the issue is the first step to solve the problem.

I sat down in front of my desk and wrote down what I have done today with the time spend on it. After review the tasks and timing, I noticed that I didn't spend enough time on two of the most important task, which is excercise and practise writing.

Is there any way that I could improve on this?

As usual, I started my research online. Internet is a fascinating place where people can find a lot of useful information and knowledge.

After some reading and learning, I come out with the following strategy to better utilise my time and energy.

1: Priorities tasks and Set fixed time for excercise and writing.

2. Write down a to do list daily to be more organised.

3. Concentrate one task at a time and stay focused on it, rest 5 to 10 minutes every half an hour.

4. Declutter and eliminate the work that should not be doing and concentrate on important task.

5. Learn to say No to things that I don't want to do.

6. Review regularly and adjust the strategy to improve time management skills.

So far, these are the things I plan to change. Hopefully from tomorrow, I could be more productive!

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