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How to Write Book Review


I read a nice Chinese novel last couple of days. I feel like write something about the novel as I quite like it. However, I am not sure where to start. I think what I want to write is a book review. So I have searched the internet and found some information about how to write book review.

A book review is an article about the opinion of a book. You basically discuss what you think about the book. Is it a good book to read or another way round.

Usually, You start a book review by give a summarise about the book but not reveal too much of information to arouse readers’ interest. You can also write the author’s name, publish date and back ground information etc. You should express your opinion about the book in the introduction part also.

Then you write in more detail about why you like or don’t like the book, supported with facts or information from the book. You can analyse the plot, the characters and author’s style of writing. You can also write whether the book has made you relate to something or some feeling after reading it. You could write what you wish the book can improve if you have some ideas about it.

Lastly, you summarise whether you recommend this book to other readers or not, and what kind of reader might like the book.

I know it sounds quite simple, but it is a good start to learn how to write a book review. We can always learn and improve the skill once we grab the basics.

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