I Begin to Like this book!

Since I read a nice Chinese romantic novel weeks ago, I have the kind of mind like " wish my English is good enough, wish I am a translator" , as then I can translate it to English and let more people read and enjoy it.

The novel is not that famous but I like it a lot. It makes me thought of the days when I first fell in love, sweet memories flash again in front of my eyes. The plot is well developed and the characters are all so real.

Besides romance, It also reminded me the old and pure friendships during school time. It's not that easy to have a good friend after work, we are much more simple and pure hearted during student time.

I decide to learn translation so I can translate Chinese novel to English. I searched for Chinese novel and wuxia world appears first on search results.

After some reading and ask around, I heard that the novel "I Shall Seal the Heaven" (我欲封天)is quite good translated. So I decided to read and learn how the author translated the novel from Chinese to English.

The translation is very nice, I am learning English while reading the novel. I read about two chapters each day.

I do not like the story that much at the beginning as I feel there is a lot of fighting scene in it and I am not a big fan for that.

However, I continued reading as I want to learn translation skills from the author.

Today, I changed my mind after reading chapter 10 and 11.

Chapter 11 is so well written and I absolutely LOVE it. I am starting to see the different side of the protagonist now.

Initially, The protagonist seems to be a smart but cold person, who almost indifferent I would say. As the story develops, I could see even though he is cold but he has principles. His coldness probably due to hardship from young, he has to protect himself in order to survive. When he went to visit his old friend I could see the softness deep in his heart, he too has someone to care about.

In Chapter 11, He is so intelligent and I almost think he is quite cool. His image seems more and more alive when I read the novel.

I couldn't stop admiring the author. The author must be very knowledgeable to write such smart words and story.

I am begin to like this book now. I can't wait for more interesting chapters from this book!

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