Let’s Grow Together

Yesterday , after I finished my writing, I let my daughter to have a look at it, to see if there is any grammar mistakes or anything to improve.

I was a little bit hesitatant to show her my article initially,as I feel that I am showing my weakness to her. I hope I am a smart and capable mum in my daughter’s eyes.

However, I was reflecting something I didn’t perform very well in the article I wrote yesterday. I was analying why I didn’t practice writing consistently and how am I going to solve the problem.

After some careful thoughts I decided that I will let her read my article.

While I am having difficulty in writing English article, my daughter find it not so easy to write Chinese article as she study in English environment and Chinese is her second language.

So it’s quite normal she find that Chinese is not as easy to learn as English.

I want to let her know that she is not alone who struggle with learning language, at least mummy has the similar situation too.

It is hard to learn another language and it is ok not doing very well before. Mummy didn’t do very well by not practicing regularly.

What’s more important is that I want to share with her that we can change and make ourselves better, even though we were not so perfect before.

People make mistakes, that’s OK. We improve from our mistakes and get better at it.

We fail once, that’s ok. We fail twice, that’s still alright. What matters is that we do not give up trying.

After she finished reading it, she told me that I have made a few mistakes on tenses and she corrected them for me.

I then asked her with uncertainty : ” Now you see mummy is not perfect. Do you think mummy is not that good?”

She huged me and gave me a big smile:” No, mummy is good as mummy always try her best!”

I am so happy to hear that and I know that’s her true feeling.

I encouraged her to practice more Chinese writing, doesn’t need to be a long article, one hundred to two hundred words article is fine to start with. I also told her that she can write on any topic, as long as she is interested, as the most vital thing is to practice and write, and I will read it and correct for her.

So, I practice English writing while she practice Chinese writing, and we help each other.

We are a good team! Let’s grow together 😊!

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