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Nice Weather to Have a Walk 😊

It's a warm weather in winter today and no wind. Or maybe, a little gentle wind really.

The news said Melbourne had wind at 130km/hour a couple of days ago. Wind gusty outside the house and windows are making noises because of that.

My husband was on conference in another state that day. He wechat me and ask whether the wind is strong. I told him that my hair was made messy by the wind that it covered all my face while I was walking towards the shop, and the trolley guy stared at me while I was walking. He must be fascinated how unique my hair style was😀. I also told him that our windows are singing because of the strong wind. He laughed.

While having a walk today, I put a earphone on and listened to audiobooks. I am listening The Secret Garden. I am reading the book these few days, so I though listening it could be another way to help me understand and practice my listening skills.

It is recorded by a lady named Karen Savage. I was so amazed how beautiful she recorded the books. I enjoyed the audio book so much! Thank you Karen!

On my way home , I saw the flower in front of my house was blossom, so I took some pictures of it.

Blue sky, lovely light wind and beautiful flowers, Thank you for your company and now I shall go back and do some house chores 😊.

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