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Not Easy to be a Mum – Random Thoughts

I just called one of my good friend to find out how is she doing.

She is pregnant and she has gestational diabetes. I can't believe the news when she first told me about it, as she is quite healthy in my impression.

However, she need to check her blood sugar level and has insulin injections a few times now. I feel the pain for her as she told me the injection is quite painful.

I hope her sugar level is well controlled and she will be diabetes free after delivery. And, I hope she has a smooth delivery. She is such a nice and intelligent girl and we have been friends for about eight years.

I thought of my own two pregnancies, both were quite hard. I was breathless during pregnancy due to hormonal changes.

It's not easy to be a mum. I think.

I told my children to look after themselves well is a way of loving me, as I love them and I want to see them happy and well.

I shall look after myself too as I don't want my mum to worry about me.

Mum is a noble job and a lot of mums have sacrificed their career to mind the children.

My respect to Mums and wish all the mums happiness.

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