Plans for Improving my Reading Comprehension Ability

One of my friends asked me what level my reading ability is currently.

I can’t tell whether my reading level is at college level or what, although I can understand usual website articles and usual books. However, I do find difficulty in reading certain novels where there are a lot of descriptive words. I also enjoy reading helth books and self improvement books. I would like to improve my reading comprehension ability, so that I can understand the content better, and expand my reading genre further.

Below are the plans that I made in order to achieve this.

1. Increase my vocabulary
A word that I don’t know definitely hinders the reading experience. So it is the first thing I would like to improve. I set daily words learning at one hundred in Shanbay app. It doesn’t mean that I can memorize one hundred words per day. In fact, it would be good if I can memorize five to ten new words per day. I basically go through the hundred words and revise it according to the app plan.

2. Learn grammar

Good grammar is very vital in improving english level in general. have started studying “college english grammar” a couple of days ago. I quite like the book, hopefully, I will make less grammar errors after completing the book.

3. Read more books

I am in the process of making a book list for the year.

The list will cover finance, health, self improvement and other lovers, meanwhile I will read the books that I own but haven’t read.

4. Intensive reading

I would like to choose the secret garden as a book to do intensive reading. I plan to spend one year to study the book intensity which means I should know all the words in the book, and understand the grammar and sentence structure of the book, I will write summary for each chapters and review for the book.

Above are the strategies that I would use to improve my reading comprehension. I will fine tune the strategies along the road of learning.

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