Reading Practice

I have practiced reading out loud for about one week so far.

I feel that I have improved in pronunciation and reading different voices for different characters.

For pronunciation, my voice is clearer compared to when I first started reading. I have paid more attention to open my mouth wider while reading, and shadowing exercise definitely helped too.

On the other hand, there are still a lot of words I pronounced not very well, for example, girl, look, etc. To overcomethis, I plan to go through the basic phonetics again, so that I can pronounce correctly.

Another area I need to improve is the accent. Basicaly, I read in American accent, as that is what we been taught at school. However , I do find myself speaking with a bit of an English accent too, which might be affected by watching or listening to English films or radios.

I plan to differentiate the accent by studying how to speak in each accent properly.

In terms of different voices, I find it hard to read in the voice of the opposite gender, which is men and boboy’s voice.

I have also improved slightly in expressing the emotions of characters. I will continue to improve in that aspect and further explore ways to express emotions while reading.

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