Thank you Rod

I went to Telstra shop to switch a broadband service and had such an wonderful experience.

The female staff Monie who I talked a few days ago was having lunch that time, so She quickly briefed her colleague and one of her colleague came out and helped me.

His name is Rod. Rod greeted with a big smile and a firm handshake. He told me that Monie has briefed him, and asked me how he can help.

I have prepared a list of questions on a paper. He went through with me and answered my questions one by one.

While the computer is generating forms for me to sign, he asked me whether I have any shopping to do, as the approval needs about 15 minutes and he didn't want to waste my time. I am glad he asked, as I need to buy some bread. The bread shop is just a few shops away.

After I bought the bread, I went back to Telstra shop again. The forms is still generating as I only need to buy bread, so I suppose that I went back early.

So I sit there and started reading the feeds from fellow bloggers. I came across a word that I don't understand, so I ask Rod as he is sitting next to me waiting for the forms. I told him that I am learning English and he happily explained to me the word that I don't know.

Another two minutes went and the forms were ready.

Rod went through the forms with me and answered my questions regarding the forms patiently.

It was a really good experience from the shop today. I am so impressed with the service so that I wrote an good review on their website when I went home.

I also called Rod and complemented his service and encouraged him to keep up his excellent work. He was so happy that I called him and praised his good service.

I feel happy too by complementing Rod, as I have also done something nice in return.

It's an happy experience and I believe that we should tell people when they did well. It maybe some simple words from our end, but who knows, It might have a positive impact on them. Who doesn't want to be recognised for their good work?

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