So, What is Happiness?

What is happiness? This topic has been discussed over many years by people from different countries and different ethnic background. Yet, there is hardly a universal answer about this question. Why is that so? The reason is that happiness is objective, it is defined by people who experiencing it. One thing make one person happy could make another people unhappy. No wonder happiness is so difficult to define.

Maybe, we could try to find the answer of ‘What is not happiness’, if this is an easier question.

So, what is not happiness?

First, Happiness is not about money. Have you watch those soap drama that families of rich people are fighting against each other to get more money. Are they happy? I don’t think so, they are very rich, yet worried about losing money and trying to get more. On the other hand, Some families are barely feed themselves. However, you can see the smile on their faces as they so contented with what they have. Cleary, money is not the reason for happiness.

Secondly, Happiness is not about power. There is a Chinese saying ‘he sits no sure that sits too high’ which means that often a person is lonely at the top. True enough, as a person reaches the top point, he or she is so smart that people may not totally understand their thoughts or feelings, and they also carry more responsibilities as they reach the top position.

In my opinion, Happiness is the small things. The time you spend with your family and friends. The good feelings you have after you achieved something or helped someone.  The small moment that you fond the nature is so beautiful or the book you are reading is so interesting.

Happiness is different according to different people. So, what is your definition of happiness?

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