Why is Happiness Important

Happiness is defined by “” as the quality or state of being happy, good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.

Is happiness an important thing in life? I think the answer is yes. Who don’t want to be happy and be sad or miserable instead?

So, it’s quite obvious that happiness is important to us, but why it is important and to what extent it is important?

          6 Reasons Why Happiness is Important


  1. Important for Health

Happy person is healthier. Modern research has discovered that a lot of chronic diseases are related to mental stress and unhappiness. There are also studies showed that when patients are more relaxed and happy, their diseases are better controlled or patient recover faster.

  1. More Productive

A study done by Dr Daniel Sgroi, who is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at Warwick University showed that happiness in the workplace brings increased productivity by an average of 12%, and reached as high as 20%, while productivity of unhappy worker can decrease as much as 10%.

  1. More Friends

Happiness is contagious. You could feel happy too by just looking at people’s smile or being surrounded by happy people. That’s why happy people could attract more friendship.

  1. More Likely to Help

When we are happy, we are more willing to help others and make others happy too. Happy people make world a better place.

  1. Good Feeling

Happiness is a good feeling, and we like good feeling, don’t we?

  1. Live Longer

Scientists have found that happy people have longer life span compare to unhappy people.

So, since happiness has so many benefits, maybe we should ask ourselves why happiness is important to us. Only after we realise why happiness is important, then we can try our best to be happy and live a happy life.

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